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White Marble Quartz Angel


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White Marble Quartz Angel

This hand carved white marble quartz crystal angel is a lovely gifts and each crystal  angel is unique and can vary very slightly from the picture illustrated.
White is a colour most often associated with purity, cleanliness, innocence and peace.

In meditation and healing sessions it’s common for people to visualise a pure, white light surrounding them, with the white light washing away impurities and bringing a new sense of life, calmness and vitality.

In healing, it’s also often used as a colour for protection, for cleansing emotional shock and bringing comfort and peace.

Wearing the colour white, or crystals which are white, such as opal, clear crystal quartz, white moonstone, opalite or white topaz, can reinforce your desire for purity, calmness and cleansing.

Many people also choose to use white in interior decoration for similar reasons. In the Western World, a bride’s gown is traditionally made of white material, said to represent chastity and virginity. This custom of wearing white is believed to have originated from Ancient Greece, where the temples were made of white marble and dedicated to the goddess Athena.

size approx : 7.5cm x 5.5cm


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