Selenite Satin Spar Heart Candle Tea Light Holder

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Selenite Satin Spar Heart Candle Tea Light Holder


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Product Description

Selenite Satin Spar Candle Tea Light Holder

This beautiful Selenite Satin Spar Heart Crystal Tea Light holder will make a wonderful addition to any home and when lit is just beautiful.

Due to the natural variations each tea light holder is a one of kind piece and may vary slightly in size, shape and colour.

Named for its connection to Selene, the moon goddess, Selenite is a calming crystal. Holding a piece of Selenite in the hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body while a large piece of Selenite placed in a room is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite is a powerful, high vibrational crystal that has the capacity to quickly clear blocked or stagnant energy. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals as well as for healing purposes. Placing a piece of Selenite on the body can quickly relieve stress and tension.

Measurements are approx:

Depth: 5cm
Width: 9cm

Weight: 550g


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