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Amethyst Candle Quartz Point Large


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Amethyst Candle Quartz

A Candle Quartz is identified by the growths on the side of the quartz that seem to grow over and overlap each other, much like a candle looks when it has been lit for a short time and then blown out. The wax that dries on the sides of a candle looks very much like the patterning on the edges of Candle Quartz. It is actually lots of small terminations of Quartz surrounding a bigger point in the middle.

Candle Quartz will slowly open and try to balance the heart chakra, in a way that brings emotional self control. It allows us to sit with vulnerability, which is an extremely difficult thing for us to do.

This quartz allows us to do this and feel safe, secure, comforted and more accepting of both the light AND the dark within. It is quite a good crystal to use for depression, particularly when we are energetically and emotionally depleted on all levels.

These crystals are beautiful to have in an around our homes.

Size Approx: 10.5cm x  4.5cm x 5cm

Weight Approx; 163g


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