Baby Bunch Clothes and Nappy Cakes

Hand crafted and designed Baby Bunch present to you a wide selection of Baby Cakes. What are baby cakes? Well they are another practical gift. These Cakes are items of baby clothing cleverly shaped to look like the real thing. Some cakes will be made from baby clothing like socks, vests, face cloths and flannels. Some cakes will be made from Nappies and will also include baby clothing. The content of the cakes will vary depending on what you are looking for.

We hope you enjoy them, all the cakes are available in a range of colours and packaging. They are perfect for that ideal gift, baby showers, novelty gifts, maternity leave presents and of course when the new baby arrives. Some of the cakes are designed with the adults in mind also.

The most important part to the cakes is its not like the real thing 2 bites and its gone, these are practical baby clothing and nappies which can be unravelled when needed